MC Yinka

MC stuff, freestyle, crowd manager

Mc Yinka was born in 1981 and raised in Athens.He did his first steps by Mcing in Drum N’ Bass parties along with Dj Texture, with whom created Urban Links. He is a founding member of the hip-hop band Adiaspasti Ousia and Paragontes, along with Kostas Kougioumtzi. As a Mc and lead vocalist, he is a member of Street Buzz, Dr.Votkanini, Imam Baidi, and as an electric bass player. a member of Direct Connection. He is the creator of music projects Urbanix and Fuzics. He participated by doing vocals in many parties along with famous Athenian Djs, in the recording of Filippos Pliatsikas album Omnia and as an actor in long term movies and theatrical plays.