Giannis Diskos

Clarinet, Saxophone

He was born in Edessa in 1986. He received a clarinet diploma from Edessa’s municipal conservatory. Today he is a teacher in KEPEΜ, and has been a teacher in Aridaia’s and Edessa’s municipal conservatories. In 1999, he won first prize in the Panhellenic Student Competition playing with the ‘Karatzovites’ Orchestra. He has recorded for Imam Baildi, Stamatis Kraounakis, Giorgos Mazonakis, Haris Kostopoulos, Besidos and others.
He has produced a personal album named ‘Mousika Iamata – Afieroma sto Giorgi Ouroumi’, and is a founding member of the music project “Chouska”. He has been a member of Imam Baildi since 2007.