Christos Skondras


He was born in Athens in 1991. His first steps with bouzouki began when he was 10. At the age of 15 he started playing professionally in various local music places and got his degree in music theory from Modern Corinthian Conservatory. In 2009 and alongside with his studies in preschool education at the University of Athens, he apprenticed next to some of the best bouzouki musicians like Nikos Tatasopoulos, Grigoris Vasilas and Spyros Goumas. The same year and until 2012 he attended traditional bagpipe lessons at the National Conservatory of Athens with Giorgos Makris and in 2015 he found himself in Nakas Conservatory attending a six-month music therapy seminar under the supervision of Pelina Evaggelou.

Ιn August 2017 he became also member of ​Imam Baildi​ with whom he already has a lot of live performances in his assets in Greece and abroad as a tour band in venues such as SO36(Berlin), O2 Academy(London) and Moods (Switzerland). He has numerous live appearances in some of the biggest Greek live venues (Stavros tou Notou, Rythmos Stage, Hollywood Stage, Ilion Plus, etc), with artists like Foivos Delivorias, Thodoris Kotonias, Christos Ninios, Violeta Ikari, Pavlina Voulgaraki, Paraskevas Theodorakis and many more. He has recorded for Imam Baildi last album and other artists. From January of 2017 is part of Vietnam (cover band) .

One of his most important moments was his collaboration with the conductor Theodoros Orfanidis at the Olympic Flame lighting ceremony at Kalimarmaro Stadium in 2016. Also with the band “Τουτοι” at Athens Concert Hall in performance “Είμαστε αλάνια “, that playing rebetiko from bands alla over the Greece.

He has also appeared in some TV shows (“Oloi kaloi xwrane” “Alati tis gis’’) and in the film “Ousak kai Peiraiwtikos”.